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ArtSpot Miami is a cutting edge online art gallery featuring contemporary and Modern art.  Including works by Masters. ArtSpot Miami is a US based Marketplace showcasing & shipping world class art to discerning art collectors.

Explore artwork from a variety of hand-picked international artists. Reflecting on new trends in the current art world.

Our mission is aptly captured by the words of artist Marina Abramovic:

“The function of the artist in a
disturbed society is to give awareness
of the universe, to ask the right
questions, and to elevate the mind.”

Meet The Curator

With curatorial experience spanning more than 35 years, Aldo Castillo is recognized as a leading authority of Modern & Contemporary Art.  A former curator at Guatemala City’s Popol Vuh Museum and a recipient of numerous awards and honors including the Best Art Director at Miami Art Basel Week 2016. 
His portfolio includes over 350 international art exhibitions and has been the director of several international art fairs.